Take The Pledge

  • We, the Name of Organisation as a responsible Organisation of the digital age and a member of the Cyber Peace Alliance do hereby pledge
    1. To uphold basic human rights, both online and offline;
    2. To never download, install, or copy any content or software protected by copyright from the Internet without permission from the owner, and to duly give credit upon use of such content or software;
    3. To not use our knowledge or skills to violate any individual, group, or nation’s cybersecurity;
    4. To diligently adhere to and promote netiquettes on all digital forums;
    5. To not like, share, or post any content anywhere on the Internet that is not accurate;
    6. To never join, share, promote, or follow the ideologies of groups that are antithetical to the ideas of cyber peace;
    7. To not do anything online that is against the law;
    8. To respect the human rights of every individual and to responsibly exercise those rights in pursuit of cyber peace;
    9. To install the values of being a responsible citizen in all our members/employees/officials by conducting regular awareness sessions;
    10. To constantly strive to the best of our abilities to promote cyber peace at the organisational, national, and global levels
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